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Hi there!
Are you self-employed (or have strong aspirations to be!) and thinking about engaging your very own Encourager in Business, Personal and Creative Evolution?
You are?! 

The top three perfect times to engage me, The Enchantress of Evolution, in your business are...

1. When you find yourself running low on some of the vital ingredients for business growth... Inspiration, Vision, Focus and Clarity... to name a few! Your days are spent doing, doing, doing but you get the distinct feeling that you're missing something. Maybe it's something that was there in the beginning and needs to be coaxed back or maybe it's a whole new way of looking at business, either way, you need things to change!


 2. When you have an absolute abundance of Vision but you can't quite see the  bridge between 'here' and 'there'. There is an amazing picture in your head of what it all looks like at the 'end' but you don't know what to do today, this week or this month to move towards the Vision. Sometimes your Vision seems so big that you get momentarily overwhelmed by it and you put in a closet for safe keeping... But now you feel like you're ready to get it out and show it to somebody long enough to get some help with starting to build a bridge between 'here' and 'there'!


3. When your vision is clear, your business is bubbling along and you're feeling good! You want someone to share this with! You know the importance of networks and influences and you're actively committed to surrounding yourself with like-minded people and keeping personal, professional and creative growth integral to your endeavours.

(By the way, you could be going through all 3 stages in one day!)

Evolutionary Enterprises offers the opportunity to be supported in your business, personal and creative growth by someone who is genuinely interested, excited and encouraging of your new ideas and visions (and ways to get in touch with new ideas and visions if that's what's lacking!) . I am passionate about small businesses (I'm in that category too!) and balance practical business acumen and suggestions with a strong focus on core desires and the power of Imagination and Intention.  My primary role is to encourage and inspire you in the continuous evolution of your business and your wildest dreams!!!

Sessions with me are focused, refreshing and held with the intention of helping you get and stay  abundantly clear on what you want to create in your business and your life and the feeling states that are the key to creating those results. They are a time and place to set practical goals and 'homework' and be gently held accountable to that. Think of it as a one and a half hour window each week or fortnight that guarantees you are making time to step back from all the busy, busy 'doing' to focus on your unique 'bigger picture' and lay out some of the next steps. All with loving support, guidance and feedback from yours truly.

The first meet-up is free and acts as an initial starting point to get to each other and for me to get to know about your business, your life and your goals and how Evolutionary Enterprises can be of service.  If it all feels good then we progress from there.

Allow 1 .5 - 2hours for our initial meet-up. There after, if we decide to go ahead, sessions are generally 1.5 hours weekly or fortnightly and include a typed, emailed summary of the key things covered each session. .

Please feel to contact me with any questions andr to arrange our first meet up!

Ph: 0418 259 224

Email: gabriella@evolutionaryenterprises.com.au

Much joy,


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